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Bakken Bears vs EBAA: Betting Preview

Denmark top league: Bakken plays at home against EBAA. Bakken won 4 from the last 5 games played they are the current league champions. Bet will be over 169,5 points EBAA plays very fast and they got a weak defence. For example the last game played by EBAA had 191 points: 90-101 loss at Randers home. 2 from the last 4 games played by Bakken at home had over 169 points. Bakken are capable to score over 100 points today, EBAA can also score at least 70 points, the line will go up and up until the start of the game.



Bakken Bears vs EBAA Match Prediction: The match between Bakken Bears and EBAA will end with over 169.50 points in full event at odds 1.89


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